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  1. Yassir Kori says:

    To: Bishop John Yambasu
    President of West Africa Central Conference

    Dear Bishop

    Calvary greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with the hope that you are doing well in the moment.

    I wish if you could remember me as we spoke in Monday November 26, 2012, when I was been referred to you by my presiding elder in UMC here in USA regarding the possibility to connect with you for proper processing to obtain UMC membership like the way you followed.

    At that time we were not yet entered into UMC system. Until 2013 we met with UMC delegates in South Sudan who have welcomed us partially by granting us individual membership to go further and plant churches in our territories. We’ve thoroughly followed that procedure with high desire and began to adapt all our churches that were under our leadership to become United Methodist as were function as an independent nondenominational churches.

    From that time our communication was disconnected throughout many years with people that officiated us and we continue to function with belief that we are United Methodist.

    Throughout these years we were able to plant about 41 churches with total number of 35.000 people in our congregation that grouped under five districts from both Sudan and Egypt, in which most of our churches are in other part of Sudan after South Sudan was Seceded and that part of geographical territory was not fall under any UMC conference leadership.
    Recently in February 2019 we sudden by the news that the way we were been admitted was improper and we found out that we are not officially recognized as United Methodist—sadly to found ourselves that we are function in Limbo and work as fatherless children.
    Some pastors connected us to the global ministry where they met with Thomas Kemper, the Secretary General of United Methodist Global Ministry who committed to handle our case and finally suggest to those pastors the possibility to connect with you in West Africa Central Conference—and this become the second time to be referred to you again and I remember our previous conversation.
    Therefore; we are trying to reconnect with you again by means of seeking proper advice and instructions of how we can become recognized as United Methodist.
    Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may obtain mercy and fine grace to help us at the time of need (Hebrews 4:16)
    Thank you and I am looking forward to hear from you.
    May God bless you all.


    Yassir A. Kori
    UMC Sudan/Egypt
    March 4, 2019

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